50 Years! See you October 5th, 2024!
Message from the Committee

Save the date! October 5th, 2024

50th Reunion of the Class of 1974 now in the planning phase!

For our 45th, a “Mixer style with appetizers” get together was a huge success with nearly 100 attendees! (Thank you Jim Parker for the push!) And, now, 50 Years! While most of us probably don’t feel like it’s been THAT long ago, it has and life has taken its twists and turns. Why not catch up with friends from E. L. Bowsher and maybe those from your Grade School and share where life has taken you in addition to listening and re-telling stories from the past that may have changed just a bit over the years.

For those who moved from Toledo, what a good excuse to return “home” for the weekend and visit relatives, friends and neighbors. Maybe a drive to the old neighborhood or see the revitalized downtown area?

We are meeting regularly in hopes of planning an epic multi-day, fun-filled, late-summer/early-fall 2024 weekend. We welcome anyone who wants to assist or has any suggestions.

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Classmates who came in 2014?

Leigh Anne Kraft (Ballantyne)
Patricia A. Biglow
Mary J. Holley (Biniker)
Jennifer A. Lewis (Blomberg)
David A. Bolander
Barney Bowes
Richard E. Carpenter Jr.
Dennis Chesser
Carol J. Wernimont (Christy)
Joseph R. Cieslewicz
Connie Nietz (Collins)
William K. Cook
Stephen E. Corey
John W. Ensley
Kris A. Tierney (Fauble)
Thomas J. Fauble
Kathy L. Cairl-Bowles (Gerding)
Nanette F. Maginn (Gerding)
Matt V. Gholden
Melvin Goetting
Jeffery L. Good
Patricia M. Andray (Harms)
Kim Pohlman (Harvey)
Raymond M. Healy
Jane G. Braun (Heyman)
Brad A. Higgins
Howard W. Hochmuth
Julie A. Vess (Janicki)
Lauri A. Jones-Shepler (Jones)
David A. Krieger
Michael P. Mason
Sally L. Galdys (McHaffie)
Zoe A. Scheuer (Mikolajczyk)
Nancy L. Rhonehouse (Misavage)
Linda A. Schmidt (Nagy)
Robin T. Nicholson
Barbara J. Vidra (Nowakowski)
James R. Parker
Diane P. Obitz (Phillips)
James F. Reagan
Mark R. Rideout
Timothy J. Romp
Susan E. Middleton (Roose)
William P. Ruch
Brad L. Rusch
Paula A. Taylor (Rynn)
Steven R. Samson
Roy E. Schneider
Stephen Seferian
Cindy S. Coffey (Smith)
Rene M. Monday (Soleau)
Gregory D. Starkloff
Ricky L. Stuart
Barb J. Weber